How to save the PDF file download from website to a specific folder?

See my screenshot, every month i need to go this website to download the invoice.
What activities can i use to download the bills according to month from the website and save it to a specific folder? i.e now is May, so i want to bot to only download May invoice.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Wendy_wendy

U can try two ways

Use DataScrapping

Use datascrapping to scrap the tables [ along with link present under Download Account], then do the datatable manipulation on scrapped datatable to get the invoice for a particular month and download it

  1. Use selector method,
    use anchor base activity [ using dynamic selector for getting Bill date according to month] to click the Download PDF URL.

Hi Thanks…
Which method is easier?
Can u show me how ?

hI @Wendy_wendy
I think datascrapping would be easier to apply

To do datascarpping, use datascrapping option in studio and extract the data as Table. and then check for row, whose date is in current month.

Nived N
Happy Automation

Hello Wendy,
For downloading files you have this movie:

For extracting data from PDF here I have multiple examples:


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The way I usually do things like this is to use Get Children (as descendants) of that last column, then loop and click each one. Depending upon which browser you’re using and how you have the settings for downloads, you’ll either get a Save As popup you can use to put the file where you want, or it’ll go into your local Downloads folder and then you can move it to where you want it.

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