How to do VLOOKUP between two excels with large data

I have a requirement where the row count is 27000. I have to excels where i have a column as reference. And i need to copy other column data based on that reference using vlookup.

How can i achieve this in UiPath? I have used lookup data table but its taking hours of time for that 27000 rows.

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Hello Syed,
I tested with more than 1 million (dictionary approach)
Here I have multiple ways how to do VLOOKUP (including multiple files):


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Hi did you get any solution for this ? as even i need to compare two different excel sheets with VLOOKUP and have around 80,000 rows count.
I have used VLOOKUP activity but it only works within one excel having different sheets but my scenario is different.
I was going for lookup data table but i went through your suggestion.
Is there any vlookup vba script for two different excels or any suggestions ?