Lookup activity too slow

So i have a few excel files that i need to preform a lookup on.I first read all the files into datatables and then lookup the value of each row of the main datatable,but that is too slow becouse these files have 300000 400000 rows and it will take it 3 hours to go through. How can i speed up this process?Is there a way?

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You should use LINQ query for speeding up the process.


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Kindly have a view on this

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In general WE can Formulate a LINQ Statement using the Join logic and I agree to @vishal.kp

In Case you need Further Help so provide us some Sample Data and expected Output description. So WE can Work Out an individual solution for you

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Hi @vishal.kp , could you help me please? I’m trying to build a LINQ query but I can’t get it

@rafadominici you need to provide information for us to help. It may be best to create your own topic as well.

At a bare minimum, you should provide a sample input, the expected output (based on the sample input), and also provide what you have tried so far. If you do that, then everyone on the forum would be more than happy to help and we will help find a solution

Hi @Dave, I created a new topic for my problem.