How to vlookup for the huge data

how to do vlookup if we have huge data and the vlookup data tables are different.How to declare them and how to do vlookup for them.

Hello @anjani_priya

Sequence Name: VLookupExample

  1. Assign Activity

    • To: resultTable
    • Value:
      (From row1 In table1.AsEnumerable()
      Join row2 In table2.AsEnumerable() On row1.Field(Of String)(“ID”) Equals row2.Field(Of String)(“ID”)
      Select tableResult.LoadDataRow({row1(“ID”), row1(“OtherColumnFromTable1”), row2(“Value”), row2(“OtherColumnFromTable2”)}, False)).CopyToDataTable()
  2. Log Message

    • Message: “VLOOKUP operation completed.”

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I have 3 lakh records it taking to run more than one hour is there any alternate method for vlookup?

Hi @anjani_priya

If you want to Vlookup the data in the Excel, there is an activity called Vlookup. It is a excel activity and you have to use inside the Use excel file activity.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Or you can use the Macros by using code in Invoke vba activity.

Hope it helps!!

the vlookup files are different and I dont know macros

If you provide the input data and conditions then I’ll give you code for macros. @anjani_priya

SampleCSVFile_2kb .xlsx (23.3 KB)
Book1.xlsx (2.2 MB)
as odn reference the the date and acknowlegement should get from samplecsvfile into book1

There is no common reference in Both of the files. @anjani_priya

Min one of the column is same in both of the files, by taking those reference we can Vlookup the data.

Could you be more specific!!

ODN is the reference

ODN in book1 is

But in Sample csv file there is no column called ODN and values are not same in both files.

Hope you understand!!

If you can see the below example,
In book1 there is a column called Name

In book2 there is a column called Student

There is common values in both excel files is Names and Student.

If it will be like this then we can take Name and Student as reference in both files and Vlookup the values.

Hope you understand!! @anjani_priya

sry i have sent the wrong file

Okay @anjani_priya Share the proper files.


Sort Data: Ensure your lookup range is sorted.
IFERROR: Wrap your formula with IFERROR for error handling.
Consider Databases: Explore database functions or Power Query.
Split Data: Break down large datasets into smaller chunks.

cant we do filter datatable reflection in same excel sheet

Book1.xlsx (1.7 MB)
SampleCSVFile_2kb .xlsx (8.5 MB)
as odn reference get the date and acknowledgment from sample to book1


VLOOKUP is not working for both the files because there is more duplicate rows in the both excel files.

Hope it helps!!

Find the solution in the attached xaml

Main.xaml (10.9 KB)

Hope it helps!!

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