Moving RPA to production

I’m moving out of the proof of concept phase and was wondering if anyone had any best practices for rolling RPA to end users. The robots that I have running are all attended and require user input. On the machine that I have them running I have studio installed and am using Uirobot.exe to allow me to create folders of processes organized by the departments using them, but unless I install studio I’m unable to apply the supporting packages to allow uirobot the packages to run the processes I’ve developed.

So I’m looking for a new way to run an attended application that requires user input on a robot only PC and organize the processes in folders. I only know of 3 current options.

  1. Use uirobot.exe on main.xaml file which requires installing studio and installing all the packages
  2. Publish the task and have all my process in one big list in the uipath user interface
  3. Use orchestrator to run the robot, create multiple users and added complexity.

Am I missing the obvious answer that puts nice icons for users to click, or is there a easier user interface?

OK, while working with support I found a solution to my use case. If you want to use a standalone robot on a PC with using short cuts that call UIRobot.exe directly without installing studio on the machine here are the steps.

  1. on the development machine publish your project.
  2. The published project will appear in c:\programdata\uipath\packages*.nupkg
  3. Copy the nupkg file though you created to the new machine and put in the same directory as the development machine.
  4. Open the robot user interface from the system tray and press the update button next to the project you moved.
  5. Once updated run the program from the user interface (doesn’t have to be to completion)
  6. Finally point your shortcut or command line to %userprofile%.nuget\packages(project name)(project version)\lib\net45\main.xaml

This worked for me and downloaded and linked all the supporting libraries needed.

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Hi James,

Why do we need to do the 6th point .I don’t understand that?? Can you give us more understanding on that?