How to deploy custom activities package

We created couple of custom activities and published our package.
But when the robot is installed and package deployed to user PC the custom activity is not automatically deployed.
We need to manually copy the custom activity to C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Activities folder then only robot can run.

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In order to deploy custom activities click on Manage Packages > In package manager > Right click > Configure sources

You can add

  • a shared network folder
  • a nuget feed URL

as source.

You still need to connect manually to update the packages, therefore a future version will give you the possibility to update directly from the Orchestrator


+1 :+1: For automating this feature - when dealing with 1 or 2 robots it is not a big deal, when dealing with 40 or 50 it becomes incredibly labor intensive and not practical.

It would best to build package dependency information and/or being able to bundle the required activity packages with the Process for deployment to the Robot. This would greatly simplify management of larger robotic workforces.

  • on orchestrator roadmap 2017.2
  • packages will be uploaded to the server; from there you will be able to push them to the robots.

Do you have a release schedule plan for the different releases?

e.g. End of Q1 for the 2017.1 release and Q3 for the 2017.2 release in each given year?

Mid Q2 and Mid Q4.
This has been moved to 2017.1.

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Do you have any timeline when this feature will be included in Orchestrator?

Also curious about the status of this. We have the same issue.

Robots connected to Orchestrator are using the orchestrator feed to update/install new versions of activities: ~/NuGetPackages/Activities => The solution is to copy the custom activities in Orchestrator instead of copying them on each robot’s Program Data.

For Studio you can add a shared folder as a source.

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