Custom Activities in Orchestrator Cloud

Let me walk through the scenario.

  1. A process is built in Studio using Custom Activities. It runs on the developer machine with no issues.
  2. The process is uploaded to Cloud Orchestrator.
  3. The process is sent to a different machine for a robot to run.

Will the process work? How will the robot machine recognize the custom activity? Does the custom activity need to be uploaded to Cloud Orchestrator? If so how? Does the custom activity need to be installed on the robot machine?

Will the robot machine have the custom activities?

(I haven’t found good documentation on the custom activity/cloud orchestrator relationship, which is why I came to the forum!)

ideally it would be like following:
after development the custom acitvity is published to orchestrator or is manually uploaded:

As the process should reference the dependency to the custom activity it should be part of deployment / process installation process on the Bot machine. Does mean it will be fetched as well like other dependencies

So the custom activity will be a part of the overall package that is uploaded to orchestrator and also sent to the robot machine??

In other words, it will just work like any other process?

not sure if we are talking from the same things. But as long the custom activity is not offered by a reacheable feed (custom feed, Orchestrator…) the deployment is incomplete.

Once it is available and clean referenced by the consuming process it will be part of the deployment / installation process.

Just make the custom activity available and test it