Custom Activities deployment issue

I’ve created a process with a custom activity and published to the orchestrator(package includes custom activity nupkg file).
Also uploaded the custom activity .nupkg file to the orchastrator in packages section.

But when i try to execute the process in a different machine , i’m getting an errror from robot tray as

“An error appeared while executing
Error message : Cannot create unknown type ”

Currently i’m using version 2018.1.3
Otrchastrator URL :

Can anyone help me resolve this issue. Also please confirm this issue is not version dependent too.
Thanks in advance!!

Custom activities can be deployed locally in UiPath folder or on from where everyone can access it. I am not sure you can deploy Custom Activity to the orchestrator

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@PrankurJoshi : So is it like i have to copy paste the custom activity to uipath root folder in each machine ?

Yes if it is not there on the gallery. @balupad14 Can you confirm this

@PrankurJoshi That won’t be a feasible solution if i have to use this process in 10+ number of robots. and also if there is a change in file, i need to go manually and change in each machine?? :frowning:

I was just seeking this same answer. I was under the impression that if I created a process in UiPath Studio that referenced a custom activity on that development machine, that somehow the project would include that custom activity as a dependency, and when I publish from Studio into Orchestrator, that the custom activity would magically be transported to Orchestrator, and then by extension onto any robot machine that attempted to run that process from Orchestrator.

Does it NEVER work like that?

Do we ALWAYS have to manually install a custom activity onto a robot machine?

If you want to open that in Studio then you need the dll, if you have deployed package to orchestrator then there would not be an issue

@AnoopMP See this it might help you -

Let me know if these are helpful

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Thanks @PrankurJoshi for the reference. Let me try out these options.

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hey @octechnologist

basically your Project.json files holds data of all activity’s details during in run time in runtime machine Uipath resolves these dependencies by installing appropriate pacakges in “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\NuGetPackages\Activities” in your project if all activities you are using are published,verified packages of uipath then there will not be any issue but if you are using any external activity then you need to resolve dependencies manually by pasting those activities in the above mentioned location.