How to delete / update Orchestrator tenant without admin

I had first used a community orchestrator tenant in 2017. It used to be a username based login system (instead of a email id based login system that we have today).

My orchestrator tenant admin user had an invalid email id and was only to manage the tenant. There was a second user to the same tenant that had a valid email id but did not have admin rights. This second user was only for Orchestrator API use.

Now the admin user is no longer working as it does not have a valid email id associated. Because of this, i cannot manage licenses. Any suggestions on how to go about this problem ?

Options i have i mind

  1. Delete Tenant - But how can i do without the admin access
  2. Provide admin access to existing user - Can’t find a way to do that
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Hey @prateeksh

Is this for the Orchestrator On-Prem ?


Community cloud orchestrator