Help! Removed Orchestrator role

Accidently removed my admin role from orchestrator account,please help me resolve, it is a licensed account. Can not perform any role/task.

you can’t remove the default admin role?

If you’ve removed your custom admin role you’ll have to get someone who can create roles or your orchestrator admin to recreate your role

Is there any method through command line to alter these changes…

You can try via API but if you cannot do these changes in Orchestrator web interface you won’t be able to do them with other method.

You can ask the person who has access to the “admin” user to add the Administrator role to your user. Are you using Orchestrator CE? Or another one installed on premise?

sorry i was bit confused, the whole scenario was : “A tenant can be enabled or disabled at any point, in the Tenants page, by the System Admin”, so i was logged in through tenant admin credentials and accidently removed administrator role.
according to the guide ( ),i am the host and using community edition on my desktop, i can not login as host, please guide me mam

Ma’am i am using the one installed on premise

So, were you logged in with tenantName - admin or host - admin? From which user did you remove Administrator role?

i was logged in as tenantName-admin