Unable to edit or delete a tenant

I created a tenant in Automation Cloud and was attempting to setup a robot/machine in Orchestrator, but it stated I do not have any licenses available. When I try to configure the licenses for my tenant it is just blank. If I try to delete the tenant and recreate it it gives me an error message that states that the “Tenant is invalid. There is no tenant with the given Id. 672148.” Attempting to disable the tenant states I am not authorized, but I am the admin.

I’m not really sure how to move forward from here? Any suggestions?

uiPath_tenant_bug_02 uiPath_tenant_bug_03

Hi @nstine,

Below articles might help to manage tenants


I appreciate the links. I’ve already looked through those and unfortunately they do not seem to cover the issues I’m having. It’s like it thinks the Tenant/Tenant ID does not exist so I am unable to make any changes to the the tenant currently.

I see that I am not the only one having similar issues currently so I’m thinking there may be a larger issue:

This issue has been resolved by support.

Hello…Nstine Mella Robot Junior… I’ve the same issue, I was trying to setup my orchestrator, now, I don’t see invite option in Automation cloud… How do you fix this issue?. I am a begginer and You say it was support who help you…How do you made this?.

Hi @Jairo_Fernando_Garreta_U

Could you provide these 3 things:

  • your Orchestrator URL
  • the Support ID from Admin tab
  • screenshots of the errors you are encountering