Unable to login or delete Tenant through host admin as my Org admin email got disabled!Help

I my original email was the admin and spare one was host admin. My original email was disabled so now when i login through spare email i.e host admin , it only shows the Tenant , I can open is or delete or do anything.
Please help.

I get this error when i click on tenant
##Home: You need to be assigned to a folder to access this page.


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Cheers @nohow04

Hi Thanks for your reply,
But i can’t assign any roles as the original admin account through which i created the tenant is disabled.

HI @nohow04,

How did that got disabled?

And when you login, and navigate to folders section, do you see list of folders there?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

I logged in to Orchestrator through host account and then when i select Tenant , it gives me error .

Can you share some screenshots? The default “Admin” account although the same name are two different accounts for the Host Tenant and the Default Tenant.

Logging into the Host Admin is where you manage the Tenants available and Host Licenses & Libraries



Logging in with Admin to the Default (or another tenant) is a different profile, although the credential could be the same.

Now when you log into the non-host tenant, if you don’t see any Folders then that means your user or a group your user is a member of has not been added to any Folders.

This is done from Tenant > Folders and add the user/group with the appropriate role.

If you cannot manage the Folders than you are most likely missing the Roles / Permissions associated with your user.

If you are not in a position to modify your Folders, Roles, or Permissions then you have a few options

  1. Ask another user that might have access to correct the profile configuration
  2. If On-Prem, go into your SQL Server database and modify the User record so that it isn’t disabled
  3. If Cloud users are managed from the Cloud Portal (I assume this might be your case as your mentioned “Org Admin”, if you cannot manage that, you’d need to reach out to Support I would imagine.

HI ,
Thankyou all for your solutions. I created a new user and started over.

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