How to delete sent mail out outlook

i want to delete sent mail from outlook ( to send mail am using SMTP activity ). i used Delete Exchange Mail Message but am getting error Delete Exchange Mail Message: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.
if possible can i get work flow?


Hi @naveen19,

You can use Move Outlook Mail Messages activity to move that mail from sent to trash folder.

hi @samir from trash am i want to delete manually?
is there is straight way to delete sent mail

Okay so, this might help you,

Thank you @samir tried as u said but still throws error
Move Outlook Mail Message: The specified folder does not exist
i saw the link , before doing that i need to fix move mail error.

am i passed anything wrong?

Follow these steps,

  1. Use Get Outlook Mail Message activity with output var, lets say mails
    MailFolder = "Sent Items" & give value for top property to specify how many mails do you want to get. e.g. β€”> 2 to get latest 2 mail from Sent Items folder.
  2. Take For Each activity specify output var of get mailmessage (mails) in for each. with type argument β€”> System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
  3. take Move Outlook Mail Message activity inside for each.
    specify mailmessage as item & MailFolder as "Trash"

here’s one screenshot for your better understanding.

Thank u @samir will work on it and get back u:)

@samir bro its working but only outlook app is there in the system. not with web outlook.
is there is any common fix to delete mail from web outlook too??