How to create unattended robot for the same user in 2 VMs with Modern Folder?

I have the same user in 2 different VMs (active directory integrated). How can I create unattended robot for these two machines with modern folder? I am getting error saying “Floating robot already exist for the domain\user”. Is there a way? In classic folder I can create 2 robots but how to do this modern folder in 20.10?

@Pablito @badita @Nithin_P @loginerror - can you please help me with this issue?

Please check your user account. Probably you have defined your account as floating robot by adding role to yourself.

Hi Pablito,

Can you please elaborate? I can connect both VMs with same domain\user but as it’s floating robot one will be unlicensed unless I disconnect the other one.

What I am trying to achieve is,
VM 1 - domain\jithin - Unattended
VM 2 - domain\jithin - Unattended
I need both to be active at the same time.

Since we had an option of creating Standard Robot with classic folder I was able to license both of them parallelly with the same user name and was able to execute process in parallel. How can I achieve this with Modern Folder now as we have the option of only Floating Robots? Do I need to go back to classic folder in 20.10?

Ok. Now I got it. So Moder Folders has been made to fit Active Directory concept what will make them easy to manage by the administrators. This means that each machine will operate at same time only if you have separate robots for them. Floating robot means that you can switch with the same user between machines. But you can’t work on same user simultaneously on both machines.

Robots in modern folders operate on a floating model basis. They enable multiple users to use UiPath Robot on multiple workstations, as the robot is not tied to a specific machine. One user can use UiPath Robot on one machine at a time.
A user changing the workstation requires them to log out of the previously used machine and log into the new one.

More info here:


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