How to create selector from XPATH for an UI element

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I have been working on one of the projects where I need to get the value of an element. Tag and property values of theta element available with me but I’m unable to create a selector for my scraper. Could you please help here ?

in the above image you can see when I indicated the date on the webpage it’s considering the value of that date as one of the property for selector. But my requirement is to get the date even if it changes for next webpage from the same position/tag.

Below is the structure of the website and the date property:

Please help me creating the correct selector for above UI elemt.

Hi @a.k

Please open ui explorer and uncheck the aaname property and check any other property which is reliable and using it in get attributes activity to get the value you require


Hi @a.k,

Click the Activity where selector need to modified. Target → Selector → Change the Value of aname,

Declare the Variable as “DateTime” in Assign below Expression,
DateTime = Today.Tostring
[Note: This “Today” Function keeps value of DateTime updated as System Time. So, Value will be Kept on change]

Happy Learning !!

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Hello @Jayavignesh_G ,

Here’s an old post regarding this topic, hope it helps.

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