How to detect and scrape very specific content from a website

Hey everyone,

I have gone through a couple Udemy uiPath courses and some of the Academy content.

Here is my dilemma:

I need to scrape data from a website that has a calendar that shows what days a hotel room is available.

The calendar shows unavailable as greyed out, and available as white. Picture is attached.

Can UiPath notice this difference on the website and only output the available dates to the excel sheet?

Thank you so much for any pointers. Just pointing me towards tutorials or topics that address this will help. I requested a tutorial on it already.

Depending on how the days are coloured you might be able to utilise attributes of the specifics cells to determine colour. i.e. the CSS (styling)

This video might help point you in the right direction Dynamic Selectors in UiPath - CSS Selectors | How to create and use it? | UiPath | Anmol - YouTube

Another slightly more laborious way would be to get a small bitmap of each day you are looking for and compare that to a specified colour. I.e. white or gray

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Have you tried using UiExplorer to try and find these elements of ‘grey’, ‘white’ and ‘both’.

Take a look at this tutorial on UiExplorer.

Once you have found your selector and Attribute Take a look the ‘Get Attribute’ activity.

Check these Links to learn about the Get Attribute Activity:

I haven’t done anything too similar to your project but you could try and map every day for the entire month in a DataTable with its “status” (Column1) then insert what is requested into Column2 (call “Requested”). Then compare Column1 + Column2 and store that result in a third column (“Result”). Then check “Result” for any False/Fails. This might be a suitable option?

Hopefully this helps :blush:



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