How to Create an Own Log file using Text Document?


Dear All,
There is Default Logs in Orchestrator & System where UIPath Installed.

BUt I want to create a Separate Log for my Execution - So that when ever i starts my Execution, the Script should automatically create a New Log file by using text document.

I tried to create Log using text document BUT each time the first line is Replacing with the next. At end of the Execution i am able to see the Log Message of “Last Activity” Executed by BOT.

In Automation Anywhere it Works,
BUt in UIPath it is NOT Working.

Can someone help on this?
pavan k


Hi @Pavan_Kodali

Have you tried ussing Append Line activity? It is meant to append a line to the existing text document:


Thanks a lot Boss…!!!

Actually i could not be able to Remember this Option. Thanks Again - It works for me to Create my OWn Runtime Log File as i wish.

Have a great Day…!!!

Also If Possible,
Please could you try to help o nthe below Topic which i raised many days back, BUT No one replied on this:

Thanks Again & Much appreciated your kind help and support…!!!


You can use properly with header.

  1. Path exist
  2. if condition
  3. then append line
  4. else write text file
    Thanks & Regards
    Bagish ojha


Hi @Pavan_Kodali,

Take a look this



Append line is adding only the last line, when there are invoke workflow in between two append line activity. Please suggest.


Thanks Bro, its working