How to copy in SAP, and then paste copied text into later steps in workflow (multiple times)

I am working on automating a process to download a BOM (bill of material) from SAP and save the output to Excel. In SAP transaction ZCS11 (Bill explosion multi-level), when the item code is entered in the Material field, I want the bot to copy the entered text before it tabs to another field to enter more info. A few steps later, once the BOM is exploded and I go to export the BOM from SAP, I want the bot to paste the text it copied into the File Name field on the SAP screen before generating the document. Something to note, the output document created is always in .txt format. From there I want the bot to open Excel and then open the saved file within the Excel application, but since it is in .txt format, it will have to change the file type it is searching for from the default “Excel Files” to “All Files”. Then I want the bot to search for the file by the item code it initially copied to open the document, but I am not sure which activity to use for this action. This is where the second paste of the originally copied info would be needed. Any ideas on how this can be accomplished?

I do not really understand what is the problem. You can always paste the same thing multiple times, because you can assign a variable to what you just copied. Can’t you do the same this as the first time you pasted it?