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Hi! I’m looking for a way to copy the following into SAP:

It is important that it should be on different rows and use of “Paste” option is SAP is mandatory.
I’ve tried the activity “Set to clipboard” but how to config it to make sure that the words are on 2 separate rows.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Nanutik

I would like to know how are you getting the data, from excel, or from a screenscrap or where? :slight_smile:

to answer your question: you need to use an assign activity and assign to the variable = “BOI” & SYSTEM.Environment.NewLine & “CBR”.

the result of this will be two lines with two words. then you need to set it to the clipboard with, using the varialbe on the assign acitiviy. and lastly you need to use sendkey (F8 is the paste option in sap.)

Now to provide you a better solution, please be so kind to give us more detials. We would more than glad to help. Let me know if this help you.