How to convert pdf file to word

Hi All,

I need to convert a pdf file to word.

Sample_Chapter06_Mathematicas_compressed.pdf (1009.9 KB)

but it is not clearly converting the document and it has many spelling mistakes in word document.

is there any solution please let me know it.

Hi, try with microsoft OCR engine also
If you are working with Tesseract OCR , try increase the scale and see

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Hi vinay_reddy Sir,

I have tried it Microsoft OCR too it’s getting the same result like spelling mistakes…


Check this custom activity, it may help you.


Even if you are using OCR tools you will get some spelling mistakes

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Hi sarathi125 Sir,

To overcome this is there any solution Sir.

Hi , Use ‘Start process’ Actvity
Then in the file name property give the pdf file path
This will open the PDF file
now use screen scrapping with OCR method
This is just try as alternate

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Hi vinay_reddy Sir,

Can you send me the workflow of it Sir.

Hello, I think you can just use s converter tool to convert your PDF to Word, it’s quick and time-saving. I always use Deli PDF Converter to do my job and I think it works very well. Maybe you can also have a try.

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Sorry only through UIPath only I need solution.

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