How to Convert PDF to Word file

How to Convert PDF to Word file Can anyone help

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Hi @Abhirup_Das1

Do any of these work for you?

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Additionally, you can use Start Process to open the pdf file in word and then from there you can save it wherever you’d like.


hello @Abhirup_Das1
You can use PDF and Word activities like this

These Activities pack are not available by default you’ll have to add it manually in manage packages tab which is here


Thank you


Sry I don’t under stand what you want to say.
can you explain it plz

The Start Process activity can be used to start any windows process. If you tell it to open Microsoft Word and give the filename as a parameter then it will start Word and open your pdf file. It should ask if you want to do an automatic conversion. You can use Click to say yes and then save the resulting converted file as whatever you’d like.


Check this workflow, @Abhirup_Das1
PdfConversionExcel.xaml (7.9 KB)
I have used invoke code to convert pdf to word file.
Give your pdf file path in the code and download this below package as shown in screenshot,

Hope this may help you :smiley:

Not able to extract more then 3 tables. Could you kindly help, if there is any way ??

Check this below link, @veerishu
Hope this may help you :slight_smile: