How can we convert pdf document into word document

i wanted to convert pdf which is created using scanned image into word,
how can we convert as it is in word document, can we do it using document understanding activities,Please suggest me. i am attaching sample pdf file
NDE.pdf (602.2 KB)

Hi @Durvesh_Bendale

Your PDF document seems like there are only images, no text. So you need to extract the images from the PDF document. These images can you add into a word document. I don’t know if this is ok for you to have your data as images in word, but I think it is the only way to do that.

To do this you need the following:

  1. Add PDF Activities Package into UiPath Studio:
  2. Use Activity: Extract Images from PDF
    Set the fullpath of the PDF file and the output folder, where the images should be save (e.g. C:\Temp)
  3. Then you can use word activities to add the images to your word document.

Some helpful videos for the steps:

  1. Add PDF Package: UiPath | Import PDF Activities to UiPath | How to add PDF Activities to UiPath | UiPath.PDF Package - YouTube
  2. Extract Images: UiPath | Extract Images From PDF | How to extract images from PDF file | PDF Automation - YouTube

Best regards

i want extract text from pdf images with its format.