How to convert HTML to PDF without opening the file or Export Excel to PDF fit to page


I have an excel file with more than 15 colomns or so…I want this file to convert to PDF but when i do it not all the colomns are coming in single page, only 8 colomns are coming in single page and the rest are coming in second page. To bypass this problem, i have converted this into HTML and then converting into PDF(with send hotkeys) but is there any other ways where I can directly export the Excel to PDF(with fit to single page). I have tried Invoke, all though it is working fine in VB studio, but when it comes to UiPath studio, it is throwing errors as “module member declaration expected”…

I want to perform this workflow without opening any file. So please help me resolve this for the same.

1.Convert HTML to PDF without opening the file


2.Export Excel Data to PDF to fit into one page


Hello @Bandi_Vinay_Kumar

It works same like how you are going to file->save->save as pdf.

Try to reduce the width of the columns and check it once.