How to convert each row in excel as a pdf

I have an excel with 4 sheets. Each sheet has some 2k rows with columns - First Name, Last Name, Location and so on.
I need to create/convert a separate pdf for each row in the excel. Is that possible with Uipath. If yes, please let me know the solution. Thanks in advance!

@Palaniyappan Can you please suggest any other way accomplish this task.

Hi @Kavya_Mamidishetti2

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Check out the reference thread


Hi @Gokul001
Thanks for the quick response.

It is writing the whole excel sheet into a word document. I need to convert each row as pdf for in excel. For example, if excel sheet has 100 rows then 100 PDF’s should be created/converted.
Moreover, even though the latest version of UiPath.Word.Activities package is installed I couldn’t find Export to PDF activity.

Hi @Kavya_Mamidishetti2

I don’t think so it is possible to create an pdf file for each line in the excel.

If the excel contains only one line of data we can convert into pdf.

Yeah…If you come across any other way please lemme know