How to fit in each excel in one Page of PDF

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I have a scenario to convert excel to PDF , while I do that I need each sheet to fit in one page but instead one sheet splits in to 2 page in PDF? any idea how I can fit one page in PDF.

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Hi ,

Is your Data is too large for one page ?

If not try by adjusting the row height and also reduce font size.


Please check this…you can use this in invoke code


How to export Excel as PDF as one page?
Head to File > Page setup…
Under “Scaling”, select the “Fit to” option.
Add “1” to “Pages in width” and “1” to “Tall”.
Click “Ok”. …
Now head to File > Save As.
Select “PDF” for your format and adjust the other settings to your preferences.
Click “Save”.


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@Anil_G - if we need to use this code, do we need to install Spire packages right ?


For that yes we need it…elae we can try with this where we can still change the properties


Just because this topic is getting some views and yet the way to do this with Studio was still missing, I prepared this small sample process: (93.0 KB)

I will admit that the VBS script itself was mostly created with Chat GPT, but I fine tuned it a bit to take in some arguments to display their usage as well as to cover the main use case.

The configuration looks like this:

It converts the following Excel file sheet:

Into the following PDF:

If you found it useful, please give it a like :slight_smile: :+1:

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