How to continue the search if criteria not satisafied in a datatable

  1. I have a value stored in Variable A as “DAYAL TRADING”

  2. I have a value stored in Variable B as “1831740”

  3. I have a datatable with 2 columns URL and Vendor Name


So I have put up a condition as if row(“Vendor Name”).ToString.Contains(A) → Then → Open Browser → (row(URL).ToString)

Now the above condition opens up the first URL of the datatable as the VENDOR NAME is DAYAL trading but the problem is upon opening the URL it doesn’t show the value as “1831740” so my question here is how do I continue my search and open up the 4th URL entry of the datatable which actually has the value “1831740” because as soon as the condition gets matched the bot opens up the first entry and it stops.

Images :

1st Entry has the value :


4th Entry has the value : (the actual page which I need to open)


Hi @Ishan_Shelke

You may can do it like this: