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Hi All,

I have scrapped a datatable and I want to match a condition that if row(1).ToString=var_test.ToString is “Sai” then BOT should click on that particular row.
But challenge is that “Sai” can be present either on page 2 of the webtable or page 6…How can we implement this?..that BOT should keep on clicking the next button in the webtable until it finds “Sai” and once it does…it should click on that particular row.

Thanks in advance

you can use while loop to achieve this until the condition is met you will have click on nextbutton inside the loop

Can u send me text workflow of this please

if you can share me the wf that you have worked with the basic clicks i can update the same. because i dont have access to the application you are developing

pls check dm

Did you get a chance to check the test wf i shared?

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