How to navigate to urls that are filtered using DataTable row value?

Hello guys,

I’m using Data Scraping method to get url and hours until link is expiring for each section on the webpage.
So, url and hoursUntilEnd are rows in my DataTable.

After data scraping is done, I am navigating to each link.
–What I want to achieve is to navigate to sections which are ending in 01d or more than 01d. (in more than one day).

How can I solve that?
Thanks in advance! :pray:


Can you share the datatable output screen, how are you storing the hours?


Use “navigate to” activity and paste the filter datatable URL value into it. It will navigate to that url.

Hope this will works

Of course! @ksrinu070184

in general we can formulate a filter expresseion with the help of regex ismatch and following pattern

(From d In dtData.AsEnumerable
Where Regex.IsMatch(d(0).toString, “\d+d”)
Select d).CopyToDataTable

Find starter help here:
FilterDate_XdXHXM_Format.xaml (6.4 KB)

as the filter result can be also empty, just handle this defensive as in general is described below:
(retrieve the rows list, checks the row count)

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Find a short summary on the subsequent steps that we discussed:

  • statement is handling/transporting all columns from dtData (So the url column is also within the filter result, when it was present in dtData
  • with a for each row over the filter result table can be iterated
  • with a open browser / navigate to the url can be used for the further processing
  • the url value needs to be extended with the url base part (e.g. http://www…)
    • manually prepended. maybe retrievable from a base element (e.g. <base href=""> )
  • empty filter result can be handled as described as above

Feel free to extend my summary with the missing items. Once it is running so close the topic as usually with the solution flag. Thanks

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