Issue in opening an xls file

Hello All,

I have downloaded an excel file in xls format. When I open the file it shows the pop-up as “the file format and extension doesn’t match. The file could be corrupted. Do you want to open it anyway? ‘Yes, ‘No’’”
And when the pass the path in read range workbook activity, I’m getting an error as “Your stream was neither an OLE2 stream nor an OOXML stream.
How to proceed further? Please help me with this issue.”

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

Instead of using the “Read Range Workbook” activity, try using the “Excel Application Scope” activity. This activity allows you to work with the Excel file within a scope, automatically handling the opening and closing of the Excel application.

Within the “Excel Application Scope,” you can use other Excel-related activities such as “Read Range,” “Write Range,” etc. This may help with any compatibility issues related to the file format.

You can only read . XLSX files with Workbook read range, you HAVE to use Excel Application Scope to read . XLS files.

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

Open the .xls file in the excel application and do save as then select the .xlsx format then try.

Hope it helps!!

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