How to connect a BOT in uipath orchestrator community edition.?

Can someone please help on how to connect a BOT in uipath orchestrator community edition.?

Please refer this link Connecting Robots to Orchestrator.
Let me know if you have facing any issue even after this.


Hi @shivam_rao,

im not able to find the orchestrator setting panel, Can you please help on this.

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@arivazhagan_mathivan Can you please explain more about your problem, as I am not getting it.


Im not able to find this panel.

@arivazhagan_mathivan You can find this panel in your system “UiPath Robot tray”
Refer link:

@arivazhagan_mathivan Find Uipath robot in the start menu, click on that as soon as you click on that it will bring a small icon to the tray from where you can open it after you have opened it in the upright corner you will find a setting icon click on that. so it will take you to the orchestrator setting where you what to go.

type in search bar as uipath robot

click on this icon


then go to settings you can find there.

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@priyankavivek Sorry but I have already explained so can you just mark my comment.

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Hi @shivam_rao

Thanks for the info, that helped. tempsnip

Please help me with the attached error.


Mention Orchestrator URL as:


Thanks @lakshman

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@Parth.Kadia :blush::+1:

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