Uipath studio to orchestrator connection

I am unable to connect my uipath studio to orchestrator.
Can anyone please help me.


how you are connecting?

I am connecting by uiRobot , by opening settings, then copy and paste machine key and the url.

You need to, create a Tenant
and log in to this link

follow these links forllow these links

what Error you are getting?

I have already created tenant and everything, but when I hit the connect button, the status is robot unavailable.

hey Aman,

check all the settings

keep your orchestrator url up to https://platform.uipath.com
check machine key, device Id once again
I would suggest to go through Orchestrator training videos


when I create a floating robot, it shows robot unavailable, please update your license.
How to solve this.

I will Suggest to go through Video and follow all the steps,
check whether you have deployed properly, check Orchestrator Settings and everything
there must be some minor thing which is missing

if not solved then do share the screen shots of all settings, I will try to trouble shoot

Have you created, Environment inside Orchestrator?
created robot
have you added robot to Environment?

Did you check your licenses?
OP’s issue is probably you only has Non Production license in your orchestrator.

GO to Setting>License Tab
check the status

go to these links, in order to update your License, these will help



@Aman_Gauri change the type to development and check it out

Vicky Das

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Hi Aditya - Good Morning. Need help in connecting robot to orchestrator. Below screen shows the details. All the fields in orchestartor setting are disabled.

image .

Can you help me out, where I have done mistake.Waiting for your reply.

I am not able to get the machine key from orchestrator as the i am not able to see the proper UI in orchestra tor.

I am using below URL.

can any1 pls help me?

Go to Services and Click on Name what you wrote their,
and you will get new wed Page, after that click on machines and view the machine key


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Please follow the steps below in order to create a new tenant in the Orchestrator training environment.

  1. Go to https://platform.uipath.com/ and click the Become a new tenant button.

Do you see a button Become a new tenant under this link??? I don’t…

seems I’ve got right direction through services

Hey Aman, please check this demo this may help

And this one