How to configure a robot if I don't have a password to my system user

Hi, I am at the Orchestrator Lesson video Part2 and I try to do as the trainer does but when I run the job it gives me this error"job for process orchestrator on robot demorobot failed" with this details

.I don’t have a password to my system user.

I removed that robot and I created another one and gave a generic password(not relate to system user or something) now it works but I don’t think this is a solution.

Please help me understand what I have to do to configure a robot if I don’t have a password to my system user!?
Thank you!

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Hi @Ciuverca_Ionut

can you set the password as empty and check it once again

Check this

Ashwin S

this is the actual description of the field PASSWORD

may i know what was mentioned as generic value in password
because i have no chance to simulate this as all my systems and servers are having password for specific users


I gave you the screenshot…It says that the value cannot be null.

I tried one again and it won’t work

I used “12345” and it works.I must mention that this password has nothing related to my user, I just put it there

even i have seen this related topic where i mentioned like it can be empty regardless of being attended bot…but i didnt receive any feedback…
i m either interested to know about this @Ciuverca_Ionut
lets get the help from someone

I did it again,and it works fine with the generic password

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yah but we should know the exact reason behind right…
only then we can come to a conclusion why is it so…isnt it buddy

Hi Guys,
If we are considering it based on attended robot the password is not required if user account on system doesn’t have the password. For unattended solution I “think” it might work as well but we need to consider 3 things:

  1. User account need to be logged out so robot could use it and log with it
  2. It’s not safe to have account without any password
  3. It will not work on Windows Sever environments as one of the requirements in Active Directory is to have all accounts password-protected.

Conclusion: Best practice is to use password-protected accounts :slight_smile:


I go by this, that’s true
Cheers @Pablito


The guy from the tutorial does not have a password to his computer and the job in the tutorial works.I’m at the beginning and I need to understand these things not just go through them

What should I do if my pc does not have a password?!

Sure :slight_smile: Tutorials are made to be simply to understand, that’s why some operations are made on simpler environments.

For learning/test purposes it can stay without any password and your robot can be configured without password as well. For business purposes you need to create password in your Windows user’s settings and apply same password for robot during configuration.


Yeah,but it does not run without a password…that is the issue

How are you writing username? It supposed to be written like domain/username. Go to cmd and type whoami and paste exactly what it returns as a username in Orchestrator Robot settings. Then it should work without password.

That is how I wrote it(copied from cmd-> whoami)

Have you tried using just random text as a password? And what type of robot are you trying to use in orchestrator?

That is what i said earlier.I used a generic password(“12345” random) and it worked.But for now Idk where this credential will be used in future and if I will need them,cause a random password is not ok.

I agree, and here we are in the point where I said that best practice is to have password-enabled accounts. Let’s say that accounts without passwords are useful when you are in development/test process. Otherwise you should use password.