Not able to start job from Orchestrator

Hi i am unable to start Job from orchestrator. Giving error Parameterename : Password (cannot be null)
I can run process from Robot Tray without any issue but having problem running through orchestrator.

is the robot tagged has password correctly mentioned in the orchestrator
kindly check in ROBOT TAB once pls
cheers @Robott

Hi, Yes it is… and status of Robot is also showing as “Available”

Yah can i have the full error as a screenshot if possible


Please have a look

today showing little more info

  • Process: Railion.Rechnung.Import.Taulov
  • Environment: Demo Environment
  • Robot: Robot LAB
  • Machine name: DESKTOP-V5DSTLP
  • Info: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein.
    Parametername: password

RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentNullException: Der Wert darf nicht NULL sein.
Parametername: password
bei UiPath.Service.PasswordCredential…ctor(UserIdentity user, SecureString password)
bei UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.NotificationProcessor.d__14.MoveNext()

  • Start Time: 01/20/2020 6:14:08 PM
  • End Time: 01/20/2020 6:14:08 PM
  • Input Values: null

Output Values: null

  • Has Recording: false

What is your Robot Type?

Studio Floating

Is robot provided with Password while creating robot in ROBOT tab
Also try with Unattended type of robot once

No password was provided. I can process from Desktop Agent. Only not from orchestrator and it used to be working fine.

We must provide a password buddy when ran from orchestrator
That’s the issue here

where exactly? i didn’ see any option for that. Alsoit was working fine and robot is connected.

sorry i checked it again. i had provided password.

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This type of robot cant be scheduled, it is only for the studio to use, if you need to schedule from community edition, you need unattented type.

i solved it by creating new Robot as of type Studio.
now i realised, i should have tried inserting password again in the previous.

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