Incorrect Password in Unattended Robot Credentials but still Worked

Hi. I’m currently in working to use unattended robot to run my package in foreground manner. In the credential section there is domain/username, password, and credential type. I typed the domain and username correctly, but the password not. but still, the job is being executed perfectly.

So what’s the affect of having password in the credentials? I have assignment to understand the authentication process. Thank you in advance


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Have a view on this thread for some ideas

Cheers @Muhammad_Nur_Irsyad

wow, thanks for the quick response sir, I really appreciate it sir. as you mentioned to the description of PASSWORD field, I had input the wrong password to the password field. I create a trigger this time, at least for the next 5 min, then I logged out.

When I logged in at 2 mins ago, the program is indeed running, even if the credentials for my user is incorrect. Is this the right use case for the password field ? or I just do it in the wrong way, so it doesn’t cover up the function. Thanks sir