How to create robot incase of null password for domain/userid

Had succesefully configured robot in orchestrator. Also created Environment , Process, ans Schedules. While try to run job in the JOB page, Could not able to find the ROBOT which i configured. Only able to see the schedule in that page . pls see the attachment. Need to run the job.


Hi @mbegum,

Can you try reconnecting the robot and logoff and logging the orchestrator again?

I did it already, but of no use. Can u pls help me out


Check the status of both the Robot and Process and I hope you have assigned the robot to the environment.

Can you post the screenshots of your Robot and Processes?

Since I didnt able to select robot in the list, hence i tried dynamically. Job hanged , hence killed the job.
Now I refreshed the page, and able to view the robot which i created. But i couldn’t able to run due to pending state. I dont know why it could not able to run as it is very process.
See my screeshot

other page as well,
The job which i killed is showing pending allocation. Will that affect this new execution of job

Job is in pending state . Job not yet started

Simple code only, Will it automatically identify the code path or do we need to do anything on the source code location

Source code you need to publish from the Studio:

Go to the processes page:

Click on Packages page, if you publish the package, you will see the published package there:

Hope you did all this steps,

Actually there is no domain password. even if i give blank in password tab, it is showing like this

Showing error #1670 for not starting my job execution