How to Compare element of Two Site and set operations or not

I have a big problem with a job to do, and I don’t have much experience with UiPath.
My Job consists of comparing some elements between two web pages, of two different sites.
I describe the flow.

I enter site 1, and acquire the data.
I can download them as CSV or with page scraping.
I enter in Site2 (servicenow).
I can scrape this table.

Then… IF Purchase Order of Site1 is present (=) in PO Number of Site 2 (snow)…
them, i must return in Site1, end Click on value of Nervice/Time Sheet, equivalent column,
and collect other data.

PO_Line (green or yellow in jpeg), Submitted Amt, Due Date, Action Completion.

at this point I have to compare if they correspond with the data collected in the previous Snow table.
For each Purchase Order corresponding,
i have to check that they match too
the PO_Line and the Amounts of each PO_Line.
(and also that the date is <= Today, and that actual completion is always “none”)
Then… If it matches, make a check click on the Site1.

the flow is completed by returning to the Site,
in another environment, and by searching for the Purchase Order available and clicking on each corresponding PO Line and inserting some collected data in the last two cells. (site1 timesheet number, and today’s date).

it’s a big flow, I know, but I’m not sure how to work it.
Can anyone please help me?

?? sorry i dont understand… ??

@AaronMark - please try to do a datascraping for the ServiceNow page and let us know. As per my knowlege servicenow page is not automation friendly.

-please try to do a datascaprinig for this section data

Refer Link :

My biggest problem is working between the pages and organizing the flow.

@AaronMark - if this work - we can help you on comparing the the site values…
pls try to do the data scarping for he above list -if you able to retrieve data into uipath.

Thanks for the reply, and sorry if I write a lot, but I try to explain well.
My big problem is my little experience.
In this case, I don’t know how to coordinate two websites, since the information
I need is spread across multiple pages.

These are the two files collected.
From first page of SNow.
ServiceNow.xlsx (18,2 KB)
From first page of website B.
TimeSheet.xlsx (4,0 KB)

Below an image of the two sites.

The departure is indifferent. Maybe better to start from Service Now to save a few clicks.

In any case, if the PO NUmbert (service now) is present in the Purchase Order (of site B),
I have to go into detail to collect other data.
(click on relative TimeSheet number)

Then, if i enter in timersheet, i find this page.
I can scraping data, and I have to collect them to complete the comparison on Service Now.

On this page there are some details, present on Service Now, that is, Po Number, Po LIne, end Price.
To accept or decline a project,
I have to make sure that every data matches.
PO Number SNow = Purchase Order Site B (The first check, which triggers the comparison or not)
Po Line Snow = PO Line of Site B
Price Snow = Ammount of Site B.

Obviously I have to repeat this, for all the PO Numbers present both on Service Now and on site B.

Anyone have patience to help me? please…