Data Scraping according to the column value

Hello guys,
I am trying to exctract data from web site. I want to scrape this data according to sprecific value.
For example in the date columns need to be equals today, don’t want another one.
There is 345 pages total so its so time consuming for extracting all then filter.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Hello @Basak_Demirel ,

Is this a public site that you can share?
As a solution, you maybe want to scrape page by page an apply filtering/sorting…until the condition you want is not true anymore. (using a do while and a counter or something like this)
Just as example.


Thanks for advice,
I will try this method

Scrape it all, then remove what you don’t want from the datatable.

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Hi @Basak_Demirel

You can extract the whole data data into a data table with required columns and later you can apply specific filter on the DataTable.

Please refer the below.

Hope this will be useful. Thank you.

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