Compair data from 2 excel sheet

Hello. I’m new into Uipath, which i will like to learn it’s power to handel data.

I will like to buid a control, where I compair 2 sheets (invoice and order) and present the result in two sheets. The first sheet contain all invoices where it’s a line with orders. The second one list the differens between invoice and order resultat.
Both sheet contain column (date, Ticket nr., Unit(s), price)

I hope there are one or two how can give me input to setup an Uipath task.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @henrik

You will have to read the two source Excel files into respective DataTables using two Read Range activities.

You can then perform the comparison based on your specific criteria and output the results to new Excel files using Write activities.

As to the specifics, there is plenty of information on the forum about filtering the results. Some hints:

  • you can use DataTable.Select("[columnName]='columnValue'").CopyToDataTable() to create a new DataTable with specific filter applied (this can be used to generate a table for the first output Excel)

  • use For Each Row activity to iterate through the rows of DataTables to compare the records and generate your desired output for the second output Excel;

  • to access specific items in your DataTable, you can use this syntax
    or shorter if within a For Each Row activity:

I hope it gets you on the right track! :slight_smile:

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