How to select First row(contains link) in a table and click on that link from a web page

Hi Team,

In a web page if i search details for amc company, it will show list of all companies in the right hand side, But all those links are showing in a table format , but i need to select always first link in the table on that webpage, please help me on this.Thanks

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Is it possible to access that link?

Rammohan B.


Hi Ram,

Please see the image , that table links or under Business Name, so i want to select the first option.
Others cant have access to this site so i have pasted the image, Please provide me the solution for this.

hi @rakeshadn

Check the below post

use Find Element or children activity

Ashwin S

Hey Ashwin,
Even iam also not able to find proper solution for this,Waiting for someone’s guidance or sample xaml file.But still i didnt get any proper solution for this.

Refer this post @rakeshadn,

Hi Team,

So many people are facing this issue, I tried with web recording choosing the incator method,Web scrapping method,Click image,Click region methods, none of them are working .Please help us on this issue.Thanks