How to click the same icon pictures in order using "Click Image"?

I want to click the icons in order on a web page. But the page area was made by “canvas” and Uipath can’t recognize the elements by selector. So I think I may use “Click Image” to do this.
I want to know is it possible for Uipath to recognize how many icons (same picture) are in total on the web page and click them one by one ? How to realize it ?

HI @anka1

We can do it by increasing the IDX count to click one by one . If possible share the selector and page screenshot


FindImageMatches activity for get all images matches as IEnumerable
then use
ForEach activity with TypeArgument equal UiElement
and add
Click activity with Target-Element property equal to item that you iterating

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hi @anka1

you can also use the computer vision activies, who let us to know all the labels and elements to start using it.

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