Looping through image list

I used Find image matches activity to get list of phone icon images on screen. how to loop through them and do an action? please help with examples as I am new to uipath.

Hello experts,
please help urgently. I am using for each and in that item type is made same as output of find image matches. however, next step is to use click or click image to click on those images one by one. how to do the same?

Hi @himanshu_dayal :wave:

The best way to make this work is by using selectors. Have you tried that?

Hi Rahul,
I tried this. however there is no regular pattern in selectors. ex. for first 20, selectors go like -

then next 3 are -

Then, for next 40, they are continuous, ex. -

Then they start jumping in 2’s -

Is there any other way to handle selectors? or any way I can search through the output of ‘find image matches’?

what should be the data type for for each, while looping the image list from find image matches?