How to click on duplicate images if my application is a block

I have a application which uipath is considering as a single block and elements are not accessible. so i am using click image activity to perform any action. But what will i do in case of duplicate images on screen ?? does any one have any solution for my problem ? Highlighted portion is the duplicate image on which i am trying to click


Hi @amangupta4644

use anchor base activity

use find element and use click image activity

use element exists activity

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

I cannot use anchor base activity since the elements are not accessible as it is a whole single block that’s why i am using click image …but the images are duplicates so the problem arises …could you suggest some other solution?

Hi @loginerror,

Could you please suggest some solution for this problem ??

That whole field is a image, All the boxes?


yes whole single image…uipath is considering it as a single block

Then there is no way of selecting using the selectors. The last option is to use the click image activity providing the X and Y offset and after each click increment one of the X or Y values so that it clicks the next positioin.

And there is one activity find image matches. It will return how many matches of that image are there. Probably it will return the positions in the output. how to provide these offset x and y values ??

Use the find image matches activity and the output use it in a for each item and then put the click activity in it. Pass the matched variable as input variable for the ui element input .

its not working and still clicking on the same image again

Hi @amangupta4644

are you using a for each row ? Or your loop is made in ther way ?

i am using only for each loop

Can que see the selector that u use to click first imagem ?

click image does not contain any descriptive selector…it contains just the title of page

So thats wrong you must have at least link imagem and if its all that same you must work with 2 selector 1 insiste the other or Will not work

yes but thats the single block …selectors could not be found

There os always somerhigg diferent … GL whith that

can use cv click for above problem