How to click multiple occurrences of an image one by one?

I have an image and there are multiple occurrences of that image on a web page. I want to click one by one to perform some task. So how do I iterate through all the occurrences one by one?

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We can use Find Image Matches activity where the output will be a IEnumerable variables. which we can iterate through a for each loop and click on each image

Kindly have a view in this for more details and a example on how to Use it

Cheers @Rajas_Deshpande

Thanx for response!

Well, can it be as simple as clicking matching positions (offsets) one by one? Because, the approach you provided again contain tags and attributes (more specifically, selector) which is not working, as those matches are a result of a dynamic link. ( I have tried many possibilities in uiexplorer, but selector always take atleast one attribute which is dynamic for validation, as a result, it is not able to access it next time it runs.)
So this was the reason I thought I have only one option left, to click on the images one by one.

Hi Rajas_Deshpande
How did you slowed problem?