How to click multiple icons on same page if the icons looks exactly same?

How to click multiple icons on same web page if the icons looks exactly same ?

Hi @Kajal_Sharma, can you check the selectors of each of the icons? They might be different! Please share some screenshots of the selectors, if possible, so that we can see if they’re unique!

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@Kajal_Sharma do you have direct access to an web page or you are accessing it with RDP?
If you have direct access then you can check selectors as @KM1996 said because each icon will have different selector (UiPath adds it own ids in background, which you can check in browser DOM).

If you don not have direct access then it is problematic but I think that you should play with Computer Vision if you have not already.


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Hi @Kajal_Sharma

Have a look to the below thread post :-

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

This page icon sometime comes multiple times, and I have checked, selectors are different for each one…I just want to my bot to click on every of these page icons on the page opened at the time. How can I use selector for that?

You can extract first the table of that page. Then from that you can see the count of rows, I’m sure the selector for those icons have a number increasing by 1 each row or you can actually scrapped the unique data on each row where you can put it on a loop then have a dynamic selector wherein you’re gonna add the number incrementing each row or ou can put direct the unique value that you scrapped.

If you extract the table and there’s 3 row, you can have for each loop the assign i=1.

On the first loop , let say the selector is “”, so in second loop the value of the i will be 2 then the bot will now click on the second icon.
If you scrapped a unique value for that icon, let say the unique value is “Sample1” and it’s on datatable column 5, can loop to the number of rows then, add the unique value in the selector like this - “” given that the aaname is the unique value.

Please let me know if this helps.

@Pratik_Wavhal Hi…I have checked this but it will not work in a sequence…it will work only in flowchart but i have used for eac row & under tat there are multiple actions…could you pls suggest how can i use this in that…

Thanks in advance…