How to click on the arrow in first column respective to the text mentioned in second column

I have a table like this on web page


I want to click the respective arrow in the left column on the basis the second column text contains MILEM

According to the screenshot first 5 arrows should be click one by one as the right hand side respective column contains MILEM text in it.

To click on arrow next to given text Anchor Base activity should be helpful

To detect all rows with MILEM you can use find children activity

@Ishan_Shelke ,
You can scrap the table , so that you will get the datatable, loop the datatable using for each row in datatable activity,

Then check if currentrow(“NonFG ID”).tostring.contains(“MILEM”)
if yes , then give a click activity with respect to the loop index, pass the index variable to the selector of click activity. there will be "idx " give idx=“Index”

HI @Ishan_Shelke

Another workaround

You have a search option above right
so what you can do is

Method 1

  • Data scrapp the table you shown there
  • Loop through the rows
  • If Condition CurrentRow(0).Tostring.Contains(“MILEM”)
    • True means Type that String “MILEM014493”
      • Then make a click on the arrow , you can keep the selectors to click the first one
    • False leave it empty

Or Method 2
in the filter option

  • Check if you have anything to filter like MILEM in a dropbox or something
  • After filtering Data scrapp the table filtered there
  • Loop through the rows
  • Clcik on one by one and this requires dynamic selector with the idx attribute

Dynamic Selectors.

Hope this Helps


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