How to click on a button (arrow type) next to specific line in a dynamic results table?

Hello everyone,

I would need some help. In my process , I have the following steps :

  1. Fill fields with data (entry operations) in our ERP (Oracle) from an excel file
  2. For each line (results table) done and saved, the robot must find the wanted line based on the Name.
  3. When found , click on the “action” button (arrow type) of the correct line.

I don’t really know how to do that. I thought about Find element and/or find children activities… I look on the forum for some Ideas and found this topic : How to select each line button and click

Is it the method I should follow according to my process ?

Thank you for your help and comments ! :slight_smile:

Hey @camille.saad,
I believe you could use Anchor base, with matching Selectors.

I am assuming, that you know the “Wanted data” for which you would like to click the button. Then that should be used in the Anchor selector.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you ! We will try this :slight_smile:

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