How to Find dynamic text position on a web page and click a link next to it

Hi there!

Is there a way to search for a specific text (which the text & its position will change each time) and click the link to the left of that specific text (which the link name will change randomly each time as well)

I want to search for ‘1,849.00’ on the screen and click the link ‘05072204310661643090’ on the row to the left

Thank you in advance!

Hi varis,

you can use Anchor base.
Find element and click activity inside the Anchor base activity.


Hi @varis.m

You can try via two ways

  1. Using anchor base

use find element with dynamic selector to find the 1849 and then use click activity to select the link

  1. Using data scrapping

I hope this is a table, if it is, u can scrap the table using datascrapping , if possible the url associated with the Link along with datatable, once u get it, use lookup / any other datatable operations to find the amount and then get the corresponding link url :slight_smile:

Try these two ways and let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N

Hi Rounak & Nived,

Thank you for your reply.

I tried using Anchor Base and was able to use ‘Find Element’ to find 1849 but I don’t know how to config the ‘Click Activity’ to select the link on that row

Pls advice on this :pray:

You can use the click activity and indicate that link


Have a look on this thread->

Hi Nived & Vaibhav,

I used Click activity and indicated the link and setting my Anchor Position as Right, but it seems to click the Account column instead (referring to my attachment in the question thread)

I found a workaround using Anchor Base, Find element and Click activity at the found element with Offset X Y config, but I guess it’s not the right way to do it :disappointed_relieved:

Could you share the selector of the link in a uiexplorer, i think we need to add some attributes in the click activity to make the bot correctly click it


Please find the UiExplorer here

Hi @varis.m

Use the colname attribute as well in the click activity

I was able to do so by using

  1. Find Element - using a variable in innertext attribute
  2. Get attribute - to get ‘tableRow’ as variable from the element found
  3. Click - adding ‘colname’ attribute and using no.2 variable as ‘tableRow’ attribute


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