Brief about Dynamic Selectors

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Checkout this tutorial for knowing about a Dynamic Selector.

What is a Dynamic Selector?

As per the Name it is same as the Selector which you will indicate on the screen and validate them when you modified it, only thing is you will use\assign a variable or an argument to the attributes in the normal selector and it will be validated only at the run time.

<tag attribute={{Value}} />

Here are the Steps

In this example i am using a dynamic selector with the text attribute , you can use what ever the attributes based on your project needs


  • Add Assign Activity and use the text in which you need to use in your dynamic selector


  • Open UI Explorer in Click Activity or any that represents a action in the ui element and indicate on screen and check for “text” or “innertext” in the attributes.


  • Right click on the value and choose variable as you have created in the starting if not choose create variable and create a new one



  • After selecting the varible your selector will be ready to get validated.

But Don’t validate it now and get frustrated :joy: ,as said earlier it will be automatically validated in the runtime.

Official Documentation Link:

Dynamic Selectors

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If you manually navigate to the point in an active window where your variable should be valid, you can select the check box (circled in red below) and supply the value in the field (outlined in red) and the selector can be validated, if you want to test that the selector is working with the variable as you expect.

If you do not want to keep the entry as a default value just cancel the selector edit after you validate it.