How to click on specific text on screen

I want to click on specific location after find text on screen, can someone please advice on this.

first I BOT need to read the text Pegged Order and then just click on below on first line.


You can use click text uipath activity


This is entire frame, so not able to use click activity directly on second line.

hi ad screen does not have a paticular click for that item so you have to use click test activity no just click activity and it click test activity you have give the text to click.
hope this will help you .

is there a way to get a specific text. For example if you have a list of numbers

  • 100
  • 1021
  • 21
    How can I get it to only click the 21 and not 1021

can you please let me know is there any condition to click on specific number? I mean if you have any specific source to get that number try to assign that into variable and using click activity use that variable.

let me know if it is working.

@nilesh.mahajan … have you tried CV Click activity?