How to click on multiple check boxes based on date?

Hi All,

I am able to scrap the data and retrieve the number of rows present for the current date.
Now I need to click on the checkboxes for the current date rows
Can anyone please help me in this.
Please find the attached file (203.7 KB)

the current selector is using tableCol=‘9’. So it is bound to a particular tableRow.
It needs to be dynamized.
May we ask you to share some screenshots of the the webpage with us?
Based on this we can help more individually

Also have a look here for a base concept related to integrated anchored and dynamized selectors:


Did we try with anchor base activity with FIND TEXT activity or FIND TEXT POSITION ACTIVITY in left side and use Click activity in right side

I’m the left side mention the date value you have

Cheers @Sudha_Jha

Hi @Palaniyappan

No We have not tried this way can you please guide us

Hi @ppr,

Please check the below screenshots.

Pls Have a look on to this


following the integrated anchor and dynamic value approach( refer to link from above) a selector could look like this:

<html app='chrome.exe' title='e-Notification' />
<webctrl tag='td' innertext='*{{YourDateString}}*' />
<nav up='1' />
<webctrl tag='INPUT' type='checkbox' name='noticeIdsForDownload' idx='1' />

YourDateString is a string variable with the date value. For testing / validatong purpose ensure that it has a valid default value.

Check if the selector validatges and do some modification if it needed

Hi @ppr,

Please check, I am getting this error if I use above selector

Hi @Palaniyappan,

I checked AnchorBase but getting this error:

Hi All,

It will really be helpful for me if you do changes in this file only and revert me.
Its urgent (203.7 KB)

I hope you understand that a blindly formulation of selectors without having the system in place is hard and maybe needs some adoptions from your end.

We would recommend following:

  • Use UiExplorer and configure it for a reliable selector to the Anchor (Date)
  • Use UiExplorer and configure it for a reliable selector to the Checkbox

Then combine both selectors and also incorporate the nav up part